THM Properties of Unsaturated Soils

Research Overview
Several students in our laboratory are focusing on understanding the behavior of soils under nonisothermal conditions. CJ Coccia developed a new true-triaxial cell with suction and temperature control, and used it to investigate the impact of stress-induced anisotropy on the thermal volume change of saturated soils. Mahmud Shanina is continuing his work. Alex Vega used a thermal oedometer to evaluate the impact of heating and cooling cycles on the thermal volume change of saturated silt. Nahed Alsherif developed a new triaxial cell with suction control using the vapor flow technique, and used it to understand the impact of temperature on the volume change and shear strength of compacted silt at high suction magnitudes. CJ Coccia recently developed a cell to evaluate the thermal volume change of unsaturated soils. We have also developed a triaxial cell which is capable of evaluating the impact of temperature change, desaturation, and effective stress change on the thermal conductivity of soils.