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Research Team: PhD Students

Current PhD Students:
  • Wenyong Rong (2015-present) - Ph.D. Candidate - Dynamic Response of MSE Bridge Abutments
  • Kaitlin Hall (2015-present) - Ph.D. Candidate - Consolidation of Unsaturated Soils (co-Advisor: P. Fox)
  • Radhavi Samarakoon (2016-present) – Ph.D. Candidate – Analysis of Thermal Consolidation of Clays
  • Fatemah Behbehani (2017-present) - Ph.D. Student - Deformation of Unsaturated Soils
  • Jeffrey Newgard (2018-present) - Ph.D. Student - Cyclic Loading of Helical Anchors
Graduated PhD Students:
  • Yong-Beom Lee, Ph.D. – Deformation Analysis of Shored Mechanically Stabilized Walls. (co-Advisor: H.-Y. Ko) 
  • Majid Ghayoomi, Ph.D. – Settlement of Unsaturated Soil Layers during Earthquake Shaking. (co-Advisor: H.-Y. Ko) (WEB)
  • Ali Khosravi, Ph.D. – Impact of Stress State on the Dynamic Properties of Unsaturated Soils.
  • Nahed Alsherif, Ph.D.  – Nonisothermal Behavior of Unsaturated Silt Under High Suction Magnitudes.
  • Charles James Coccia, Ph.D. - Mechanisms of Thermal Volume Change of Unsaturated Soils.
  • Mahmud Shanina, Ph.D. - Impact of Stress Induced Anisotropy on the Thermal Volume Change of Unsaturated Soils.
  • Ashkaan Hushmand, Ph.D. - Centrifuge Modeling of the Response of Buried Structures to Earthquake Shaking (co-Advisor: S. Dashti).
  • WoongJu Mun, Ph.D. - True Triaxial Testing of Unsaturated Soils under High Stresses.
  • Tuğçe Başer - Ph.D. - Coupled Heat Transfer and Water Flow in Soil-Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Systems in Unsaturated Soil Profiles (WEB). 
  • Yewei Zheng, Ph.D. - Numerical Simulations and Shaking Table Tests of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments. (co-Advisor: P. Fox)
  • Ismaail Ghaaowd - Ph.D. - Thermal Improvement of the Pullout Capacity of Offshore Foundations in Soft Clays.
  • Leticia Nocko (2015-present) - Ph.D. Candidate - Geothermal Energy from Landfills