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Environmental Geotechnics

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Technical Journal Publications
  • McCartney, J.S., Nogueira, C., Homes, D., and Zornberg, J.G. (2011). “Modeling of Secondary Containment System Formation with Colloidal Silica.” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering. 137(6), 444-453. (link)
  • Hoyos, L.R., DeJong, J.T., McCartney, J.S., Puppala, A.J., Reddy, K.R., and Zekkos, D. (2015). “Environmental Geotechnics in the U.S. Region: A Brief Overview of Current Trends and Future Challenges.” Environmental Geotechnics. 1-7. DOI: 10.1680/envgeo.14.00024. (link)
Technical Conference Publications
  • Lynch, C., Dodson, M., and McCartney, J.S. (2012). “Grouting Verification through 3-D Seismic Tomography.” Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Grouting and Deep Mixing. Feb. 15-18. Deep Foundations Institute. Hawthorne, NJ. pp. 1506-1515. (link